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Emission Apparel

Started 31st December 2020 as a big F.U to the year that covid changed our lives.

We are on a mission!!

The New-age and the Total Underdog of the Industry.
Were going to shake things up and make a difference!!

We are profoundly focused on our apparel, we are constantly developing our range. We have sources from all over the world, and only the best of fabrics is used for our garments. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all our products…. They will not shrink or fade on the second wash like other brands…. All our apparel is hand screen printed in Australia preserving work onshore for Australians.

Not only are We producing the Highest Quality Performing Apparel on the market

We also give back!
That is right!

We have started the “Emission Rec Fishing Fund” where a portion of all sales goes straight into our account that is monitored by the Australian Communities Foundation.

These funds will be put into strong returning, socially positive, responsible investments. As the funds generate money this will Be Directly Reinvested into Recreational Fishing.

Funds will be given away through community grants offered by Emission Apparel for Charities in the recreational fishing Sector to get into. We will also be putting money towards the Development of recreational fishing, Restocking of demersal fin fish, Community, Education, and the Protection of Recreational Fishing.

By supporting Emission Apparel and buying our products you are not only getting high quality apparel. You are becoming part of a culture of fisherman, women, and children who would like to better the fishery for now and future generations…… We thank you for your support and for being a part of the change.

Only being operational for 12 months and only selling apparel for 6 we have obtained too much in our little time here at Emission
We have started a Fish cleaning and skeletal collection station programme – This is where we set up Filleting benches for the local fishing community at Hillarys boat harbor to use.

We also have a professional fish processor educating people techniques on best filleting practices and we collect the Skeletal of the fish and donate them for fisheries research. We are presently attempting to get a permanent facility here for the general public to use 24/7

We have donated $1,500 in clothing to the Community - These are people who have come across challenging times and we have given them apparel to give them cheer and take the financial burden of having to buy new clothes in the meantime.

We also run competitions on our Emission social media platforms and cross promote with other fishing businesses to get the fishing community spirit up and involved for those to win prizes and money.

So far
We have held the $1000 for the biggest dhu fish competition…. Which the winner donated fifty percent his winnings to the foster share shed…. We matched the winner’s donation to that charity.

Currently, have $2500 #snap for cash competition on Instagram the winner wins $2000 and $500 in Emission vouchers. And we put $1000 towards the King of chrome competition with Goshie from Mack bait so far, our greatest achievement has been raising our first $2000 and finally getting our fund going so we can give back to our supporters and the recreational fishing community.

We cannot wait to see what we can achieve in 2022
and we thank you for your support!!

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